exterior view of the hosue
exterior view of the hosue


"Keeping an eye on the house"

Many of our clients are vacation home owners who have asked that we keep an eye on their homes while they're away.  While most have alarm systems to notify us of emergencies, our owners feel more secure when we routinely visit their houses to check the windows, water, heat, etc. as well as perform routine maintenance.  We're calling this service, "The Home Concierge" as we'll do as little or as much as our client wishes or needs.  

Property Checks

Visit the property twice per month from November thru May and once during June, July, August, September and October to check security, heat (adjust thermostats accordingly), water or gas leaks, water and sewer lines, propane tank accessibility and levels, appliance checks and any damage to the property.  We can also arrange to receive mail and packages for owners.

Routine Maintenance

Change smoke detector and thermostat batteries once per year; change water filters up to 4 times per year; furnace filters twice per year; hot tub maintenance as required.

Contracted Services

Other services that we arrange include house cleaning, plumbing, electrical or appliance repair, snow and ice removal and snow plowing, alarm response and window washing.  We also offer "Sweetheart" services of providing flowers and/or chocolates before arrival and "Arrival" services of grocery shopping, kitchen stocking, cranking up the heat and/or hot tub or chilling the wine.