exterior view of the hosue
exterior view of the hosue


Mike Noel and Allan Gillette

Lead Framing Carpenters
Mike has worked here since 1988 and Allan joined us in 1992. Both Al and Mike learned the carpentry trade in the Vail Valley and brought their experience and skills to Leadville to the delight of our many home owners. They are versatile in all aspects of construction from stick framing to timber framing to log construction and building octagons.

Virgil Dempsey

Grand Master of Finish Carpentry
Virgil has been with us since the early 80's. His conscientious attitude and proficient skills offer each home the finishing touch that is greatly appreciated and admired by our clients.

Marsha Carter

Office Manager
Marsha is our Queen of Quickbooks and Office Manager who has delightfully and dutifully kept the cash flow in the black, the crew paid and reports filed with the myriad agencies with whom we interface.

Jen Boeve

Project Assistant

Jen recently joined the team. She has studied Art and Interior Design. She is passionate about being creative. Jen loves 3D modeling and developing presentation materials to show the potential of spaces.